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 Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to go to the CONTACT US page and send us your question and we will send you your answer.

Q. How does a Forge or Strother Bow compare to other bows like Mathews, Hoyt or BowTech?

A.  Personally, the difference I see is price on some models!!  All the bows are pretty equal in performance, warranties and innovation.  It comes down to what you want to spend! 

Q. How can you say they are pretty equal when Mathews for instance claims to win the most archery competitions?

A. The archery industry is often plagued by a "better than your bow" mentality - as brand loyalty seems to often get out of hand. Some bow manufacturers even seem to develop a cult-like following of shooters - who'll openly malign any other brand of bows. This is unfortunate for beginning archers who could receive one-sided information which may or may not lead to a good bow purchasing decision. So beware of any advice declaring one type or brand of bow to be "the best".  

Here's an example of what I mean:  If the Brunswick bowling ball company paid the world’s 100 best bowlers to use only Brunswick bowling balls during competitions, it would be no surprise that most of the big tournaments would be won by bowlers using Brunswick bowling balls. Would it be fair to conclude that Brunswick bowling balls make bowlers bowl better? No way!!  But the company could make it seem that way if they advertised the bowling statistics without mentioning the paid endorsements. Sadly, some archery manufacturers use this same little trick to entice buyers, and it usually works. Beware of advertising campaigns that lead you to believe their brand of bows are more accurate, and tempt you with statistics on how many tournaments their bows win. The Point: Bows don’t win tournaments any more than a specific bowling ball does. The most talented bowlers win tournaments and the most talented shooters win archery tournaments. Many factors are involved in accurate shooting (proper fit, careful tuning, good technique, etc.). A good high-quality bow is just one part of the equation.


 Q. What should I look for in purchasing a new bow?

A. There are a lot of quality bow manufacturers in the industry today.  What I would tell you is performance, comfort and affordability are the main concerns you should have.  First is performance, comparing IBO speeds is the easiest way to compare, besides shooting them.  here is a couple of examples.  Forge Ventilator 335 FPS, Strother Wrath 342 FPS, Mathews Helim 332 FPS, Hoyt Carbon Element RXT 330 FPS, BowTech Insanity 355 FPS.  Second, is comfort.  It doesn't matter how much you spend on a bow, if it's not comfortable to shoot you won't like it.  So if you have 2 or 3 bows that are comfortable to you, the next logical choice would be price, as along as the warranties of the bows are equal.

Q. What is IBO Speed?

A. IBO Speed, is the industry measuring standard.  Speed is only determined with a 350 gr arrow, 30" long, at 70 lb draw weight, with nothing on the bow string except an arrow release loop.  Amo speed is referred to the spped in a traditional or normal hunting set up and this varies, with the individuals draw length, draw weight, arrow weight and wht he or she attaches to the bow.  An example of this is a peep sight, kisser button etc.....

Q. Why should I buy a FORGE or STROTHER Bow?

A.  Performance, Quality and Price!!!  All I can say is go shoot a Mathews Helim $959, Hoyt Carbon Element $1050, Bowtech Insanity $949 or whatever high quality Pro-shop bow you would like and then stop by and shoot a Forge Ventilator $699 or Strother Wrath $799.  See if there is a difference in the performance, quality and comfort.  I think you'll be impressed and your wife will be be impressed with the amount of money you saved.

Q. Are the prices online the same as at your shop?

A. Yes, but I do run in shop discounts at times that will not appear on the website.

Q. Should I really buy a new bow over the internet?

A.  Yes and No.  It really depends if you trust the dealer.  C & T Archery has sold many bows over the internet and we handle those the same as if you were standing in our shop.  If there is a problem the warranties apply whether or not you buy via the internet or shop.  All you have to do is get it to me.

Q.  I don't know how to set up my own bow, so if I buy a new bow and package, then I will have to pay someone to put it together and square.

A.  Not from C & T Archery!  Here is what we do.  You order the bow of choice and provide us with you draw length and what draw weight you desire.  When then take the package you pick and assembly the bow and square everything up for you.  We then disassemble the required equipment for shipping and individually package them.  You will then be able to unwrap the individual packages and there are instructions for reassembly on the accessories that needed to come off for shipping purposes.

Q. Do I still get the free stuff if I order over the internet?

A. Yes

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