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Healthy Herd Deer Mineral

In 2011, Dr. Roger Spear, owner and founder of The Healthy Herd LLC, developed a new revolutionary product line of premium deer mineral supplements and attractants that are the future of the deer mineral and attractant market.


Dr. Spear is an avid outdoorsman and a clinical pharmacist with a strong background in chemistry and animal biology/nutrition. He has strong passions for farming, hunting, research and of course… growing the biggest and healthiest bucks possible.

Dr. Spear completed extensive evidence-based research to determine optimal deer mineral supplement and feed formulations for maximum attractant and maximum antler growth properties. The compilation of this research is revolutionizing the deer mineral supplement and attractant markets bringing best-in class products.

The Healthy Herd LLC will continue to bring additional cutting-edge products to the market, allowing hunters to maximize the health of their deer herd safely and effectively. The Healthy Herd LLC is dedicated to continued research and production of superior deer nutritional products. As an ethical and responsible hunter looking for the absolute best products for your deer.

"I can guarantee that The Healthy Herd line of products will attract and grow deer as well as or better than any of our competitors. I developed The Healthy Herd line of products to help you grow the absolutely biggest and healthiest deer possible.”



Roger Spear

Owner- The Healthy Herd LLC

20Pound bag $18.99


Test site with The Healthy Herd Mineral poured over a stump!







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