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When bow hunters look for value, C & T Archery delivers!


Food Plots are essential for growing and holding quality deer on your property or where you hunt.  We carry what we feel will give the normal hunter the best opportunity to have success in growing your own food plots.

Big Racks Trophy Products

We at Big Rack Trophy Products have done a lot of research over an extended period of time. It has enabled us to put together chosen seeds to thrive in minimum tillage and lower PH soils. If you want an advantage and have more deer at your hunting spot, you need a dominant food source. Don’t settle for what “everyone” else has! Our food plot blends are designed to attract, grow, and hold more deer on your property!

Antler Dirt

Even the best game food plot seed blend will not yield the best results without the best possible soil. Antler Dirt® deer food plot fertility blends ensure the richest, most fertile soil for growing nutritious forage.


C & T Archery mixes our own mineral for our personal use.  If you are interested in trying some, we would more then willing to mix some up for you.  Ask about pricing.

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