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Big Rack Trophy Products

Big Rack Trophy Products has over 19 years of research to bring you food plots, scent lures, minerals,blinds and game cameras.  Starting with our seed products - many different types of seeds have been tested over time to bring you the best food plots available.  This allowed us to figure out which types the deer preferred over others and which ones work better during different months of the year.  Our seed blends do not consist of inert matter like many other companies.  They are all natural and consist of pure seed with no fillers.  Our research has been scientifically proven over an extended period of time in the wild and not with fenced in deer.  Our Big Rack Secret Mineral & Attractant has all the ingredients to grow big bucks and healthier deer.  Our customers are amazed by how much deer are attracted to it. 

Use quality products that work, join the Big Rack Trophy team!




A clover blend with six different types of seed.  It provides high protein to promote body and antler growth for spring, summer and fall.  This is a perennial blend that will last five to six years.  Deer love variety, and that's what they get with Big Rack Ultimate Clover.  This mix contains pure seed with no fillers and can be planted in the spring or fall.


This blend is a variety of nine different types of seed. It consists of rape seed, two separate types of turnips, buckwheat, chicory, rye and several types of clover making it the most dominant fall and winter food plot available.  Then, when spring arrives, the spring and summer plot will already be set with perennials that consist in the rest of the blend.  Big Rack Fall/Winter Extreme attracts, holds and grows bigger bucks.  This mix contains pure seeds with no fillers and are to be planted in the fall.


A variety of eight different types of seed, with two types of chicory.  The mix is also very high in protein to promote body and antler growth.  This makes a great plot for spring, summer and fall.  It contains a pure seed with no filler and is a three to five year perennial plot for deer and turkey and should be planted in the spring or fall.


Dominant Plot will draw deer in for early and late seasons.  Buckwheat and Forage peas are a highly effective eraly season draw for deer.  Forest Rape and Radishes are great for filling out the plot for late season success.




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